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Stage For A Growing-Up Child To Perform

5:20, it was 5 minutes late. I ran very fast to my older daughter’s classroom. This meeting was only within 15 minutes, but for her, it was really important. Several days before, she herself wrote a letter to invite us to come to this special 1:1 parent – teacher meeting. She informed me that she was going to lead and present in the meeting. I guessed there was something special at school where my stubborn 8-year-old daughter had been attending in the first year.

Vu Tuong Lam, student of Grade 3A10

The room was large and bright with straight rows of tables. There was only the meeting tablebeing arranged in vertical way. My girl and her teacher were sitting on 2 sides, and the other was for parents and myseven-month-old girl stubbornly rubbing her hand in the trolley, seemingly not paying any attentions to what was going on. Thescreen showed the powerpoint frame withher academic results, her self-assessment of her strengths, weaknesses, favorite subjects and so on.

She wisely targeted quite low resultaswhatshe got in this semester. She looked more confident when she presented a change plan such as sleeping early and arriving at school punctually or spending more time onMaths subject that she was not much interested in. “I can do it, maybe a little bit more than that.” “I do not need any more supportfrom you, mom and dad.” She answered the questions after her presentation.

The whole meeting was considered a family conversation, but for my girl in the leading role, it was very special. “It’s such a great conversation,” the teacher finally interrupted. Communication with the teacher was not necessary at that time because all the information issentvia email and text messages at every need. Now is the stage for a personality of being willing to perform. Vinschoolhave given my child an important position, an independent personality, and she is now doing very well with such a strong foundation from this school.

Vu Anh Quan–Father of 3A10 student