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Letter To Vinschool

Vinschool is not only a school where my two children are studying but also my working place.Every day, they feel eager to go to school and gradually become more responsible for themselves, andthey are growing up day by day, which makes me feel very proud.

Together we participated in most of the events atVinschool such as VinschoolBook Fair, Tet Fair, Edurun or Leadership Day, etc. Especially, the Book Fair 2016 event was such an unforgettable memory for me and my sweet daughter,Gia Linh. With the trust of Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang, the homeroom teacher of Grade 6A20, we were really thrilled to attend the “Ring the Golden Bell” competition at High school.

Many couples of mother – child and father – child were ready to participate in the competition. A competition with strict rules was taken place. To be honest, there were questions that we had to argue, deduce and use exclusion method to overcome.

Having passed through 15 difficult questions, two teams includingI– my daughter and a father – his daughter of higherclass won the first prize. We were really happy to be winners. Manyparents and teachers came to congratulate us. My daughter -Gia Linh was so happy and proud! She whispered in my ear: “Mom, that’s the first prize, are youhappy?”

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Vinschool for giving our family all the best and kind. Moreover, it seems that I have recalled my youth through the activities withVinschool and other students. Thanks these activities for helping me recall my childhood memories.

Motherof Nguyen Gia Linh – Grade 6A20