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To ensure the effective operations modelled on the semi-boarding school structure, and to create a comfortable environment for the students, Vinschool Education System has invested in high quality infrastructures and facilities and developed a nutritious care program, amongst many other pioneering initiatives.

A peaceful, quiet environment with lots of trees provides students with relaxing, enjoyable and meaningful moments between classes.


Thanks to the exceptional level of experience in the hotel chain and restaurant management within Vingroup, the kitchens and cafeteria of Vinschool are equipped with modern facilities and design, fully complying with regulations on food safety and food processing. The menu of the entire Vinschool system is designed to be rich, tasty and overseen by a full-time Nutritional Specialist, responsible for ensuring adequate nutrition and micro nutrient energy for students according to their age. Combining the physical education program and school nutrition, Vinschool focuses on enhancing each student’s physical growth and stature in accordance with standards.


All Vinschool students receive a free medical examination at the Vinmec International General Hospital. Doctors from Vinmec General Hospital often train the Vinschool medical team, as well as consult regularly on professional work. This is the added value that Vinschool brings to its students in the hope that we can provide more comprehensive care to each student.

Besides these strengths, each school in the Vinschool Education System has its own nurse’s office with all the necessary equipment needed to carry out first aid, as well as a team of trained and knowledgeable medical officers.


Vinschool always pays close attention to each aspect of a student’s life, from nutritional needs, physical growth and medical care to practical considerations, like medical insurance.

Medical Insurance at Vinschool includes 2 categories:

– Required medical insurance: complies with the mandatory provisions of the Ministry of Education and Training

– Medical insurance on comprehensive medical care (not required): designed specifically for Vinschool students in cases of accidents, hospitalizations, medical treatments, in/out patient treatment, dental care, etc.