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Why Vinschool?

Sharing Vingroup’s desire to “Better the lives of the Vietnamese people,” since its establishment in April 2013, Vinschool Education System sets its mission to provide high quality education with a holistic approach and create a world-class Vietnamese school, where the future generations of Vietnam are inspired and supported to become the best.


Vinschool differentiates itself in the Vietnamese Educational system with its pioneering education model – the “5-in-1” curriculum – that well-prepares students with not only Academic English language competences but also Physical Education, Arts, and Life Skills. Vinschool students (Vinsers) stand above their peers for their energy, confidence, and a continuous curiosity for learning.


In terms of academic achievements, Vinsers have won First, Second, and Third prizes in numerous academic competitions at all levels. English language is a truly strength for Vinsers, which is clearly reflected through their abilities in academic competitions held in English as well as international events. When it comes to Arts and Physical Education, Vinschool is a pioneer school in making Choir and Vovinam – Vietnamese Martial Arts as compulsory subjects of the official curriculum. Additionally, starting grade 1, Vinsers are guided, given opportunities to practice and develop essential skills and qualities to prepare them for future success including proactivity, integrity, kindness, goal setting, and teamwork.


Two years in a row, in 2015 and 2016, Vinschool Education System has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training for its outstanding achievement in successfully implementing the comprehensive model of education.

Vinschool is also one of three Microsoft Showcase schools in Vietnam— those that integrate information technology into the curriculum. Additionally, Vinschool is the first educational organization in Vietnam to implement The Leader In Me program (TLIM) by Franklin Covey throughout the whole system.


Vinschool is a pioneer school in Vietnam to develop and implement the 5-in-1 comprehensive Students are given an opportunity for whole-child development in Academics, English language, Physical Education, Arts, and Life skills during the school year.

Vinschool is a systematic K-12 education system and planning to establish a university in the future. As such, Vinschool students are provided with a clear, long-term learning pathway from preschool all the way to university, forming a strong foundation for them to become successful citizens in the future.

The rigorous curriculum provides individualized learning pathways for its In particular, Vinschool’s curriculum brings together the best of both worlds, by inheriting Vietnamese national identity and integrating international education.

Vinschool focuses on developing students’ 21st century competencies, helping them adapt to the ever-changing world and gain long-term success in the future. Students become self-directed learners and develop proactivity, confidence, and especially a love for school.

Vinschool teachers are highly qualified and motivated teachers. The school also provides them with quality professional development opportunities.

The school, with outstanding infrastructure, is a modern, safe, and disciplined learning environment for all students.