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Located in Vingroup’s Times City modern urban area, Vinschool primary school is invested with superior, modern and optimally-designed facilities. Facilities and school services at Vinschool are built under international standards of teaching and learning conditions, nutrition care, medical care. They are all closed and synchronized on the basis of high-end service chain together with the strict management of the Vingroup.

Located in the T37 Times City urban area, Vinschool Secondary school is proud of its outstanding facilities with optimal and modern design to meet student’s needs of learning and practicing

The classroom systems have standard designs and they are equipped with modern teaching aids to optimize the implementation of advanced and student-centered teaching methods. Specially, Vinschool pays great attention to invest the functional room systems to meet students’ needs of comprehensive development.

The space outside the classrooms with wide corridors, lighting system, two-way air conditioning systems always creates comfortable conditions for students to study and play. Outside of each classroom, there are personal lockers for students

Physical development is one of the key goals of Vinschool’s comprehensive education program. Multipfunctional gymnasium, outdoor sports grounds, an artificial turf field and an outdoor basketball ground are the outstanding facilities that encourage students to regularly exercise physically.Besides the outdoor area, a multipfunctional sport hall with a total area of 700 m2 helps students practice indoor sports safely and conveniently.

Vinschool Secondary school Times City is equipped with 2 turf grounds with the total area of each ground reaches 1.800 m2 in accordance with FIFA’s competition standards.

The school has a pool with 33m length, 12,5m width and 0,8m depth. The water is processed through two specialized filtration systems and it is continuously circulated andfiltered.

All students at the Vinschool are taught swimming skills in the Official Physical Education program.

The information technology system is fully equipped with facilities to support the implementation of teaching ICT programatVinschool.

Music room with many modern and traditional musical instruments helps students develop their comprehensive aptitude.Art is also one of the five majors inthe comprehensive education program at Vinschool.

100% of Vinschool’s students attend the semi-boarding classes so the dining area is modernly built with high level of cleanness and food hygiene.

The Vinschool Health Room is equipped with essential health care equipment and dedicated medical staffs with the specialized support fromVinmec International Hospital.

Modern library with thousands of books from famous domestic and internationalpublishers.Students can find many interesting books here. The school also focuses on building and developing reading culture among students.

The laboratory system is fully equipped with tools, enabling the students to practice and explore new knowledge practically.